Hockey Play by Play Skills Tracker


1) how many scoring chances either team had,

2) how many shots either team had,

3) how many possessions and total possession time for each team,

4) the % of your possessions ended up in a scoring opportunity,

5) the % of your possessions ended up in an intentional turnover,

6) the % of your possessions ended up in a forced turn over,

7) your completed pass rate,

8) a breakdown of Bad Passes per zone

9) how often a player lost the puck while stick handling,

10) face off wins

11) failed defensive zone clearing attempts,

12) blocked shots

13) lost board battles

14) how often the puck was dumped into the offensive zone

15) goalie save percentage

  1. 16) penalty minutes.


All the stats listed above are readily available while you're tracking the game.  Anytime during the game, you can export the results via email so they can be shared with the coach for real time updates or tabulated into a spreadsheet for further analysis

If you require an even more comprehensive set of key metrics for year to date analysis, send in your results to from 3 games and we'll provide you with the excel analysis model that will enable you to look for positive and negative trends in your team's performance.  How? Simply set the Fastinfo app to forward the results automatically on the setup screen where you enter the specifics about the game you are tracking or you can email a screen shot of the game results to: 

Why should you use the Fastinfo Team Skills Tracker?  

Think about the last game your team played.  Do you know the following results for both teams:

How it works... Video